Qut Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award

Qut Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award-57
Clifford S, Mazaheri M, Salimi F, Ezz WN, Yeganeh B, et al., 'Effects of exposure to ambient ultrafine particles on respiratory health and systemic inflammation in children', Environment International, 114 pp. ISSN 0160-4120 (2018) [Refereed Article]Johnston FH, Salimi F, Williamson GJ, Henderson S, Yao J, et al., 'Ambient particulate matter and paramedic assessments of acute diabetic, cardiovascular, and respiratory conditions', Epidemiology, 30, (1) pp. ISSN 1044-3983 (2018) [Refereed Article]Salimi F, Morgan G, Rolfe M, Samoli E, Cowie CT, et al., 'Long-term exposure to low concentrations of air pollutants and hospitalisation for respiratory diseases: a prospective cohort study in Australia', Environment International, 121, (Pt 1) pp. ISSN 0160-4120 (2018) [Refereed Article]Edwards LJ, Williamson G, Williams SA, Veitch MGK, Salimi F, et al., 'Did fine particulate matter from the summer 2016 landscape fires in Tasmania increase emergency ambulance dispatches?

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Formation of the New England Oroclines: Understanding extracellular electron transfer of industrial microorganisms and optimization for production applications.

Community confidence in the integrity and impartiality of thesis examination is a principal consideration when appointing examiners.

Impact of a workplace-based ergonomic and exercise intervention for the reduction of neck pain and disability in office workers.

QUT is committed to providing a quut training environment that encourages quality and timely completion of courses.

He also has a special interest in novel statistical approaches in air pollution exposure assessment.

Before joining the university of Tasmania, Farhad was a Ph D student at the International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health (ILAQH) in the Science and Engineering Faculty at QUT.Exploiting redundancy of the genetic code for site-selective unnatural amino acids incorporation in vitro.Applicants whose candidature has been terminated by the outstandiing must also submit a written statement that demonstrates the applicant’s readiness to return to their research course.His research interests include understanding the effects of airborne particulate matter originating from different sources particularly bushfire on human health.Farhad is currently involved in a large international multidisciplinary project in collaboration with researchers in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales, British Columbia (Canada) and Gothenburg (Sweden).He conducts research in the field of air pollution and its impact on human health, with a specific focus on airborne particulate matter.He received his Ph D from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and has been the recipient of the 2014 Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award.Farhad is currently involved in an international project, which is aimed at understanding the health effects of bushfire smoke.This collaborative project involve partnership between several universities and partner agencies in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales, British Columbia (Candana), and Gothenburg (Sweden).He has published more than 10 journal papers in leading international journals such as Environmental Science and Technology and Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.Farhad's research aligns to the University research themes of Better Health and Data, Knowledge and Decisions.


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