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One advantage of technology is that people are cess your test results and medical charts quickly due to technology in the medical profession.With technology, companies save money because they do not have to pay travel cost or even have to have a physical location. Technology as a Teaching help Just a decade ago, teachers used chalk boards, then progressed to white boards and now they are using smart boards.The importance and benefits of education technology to the teachers and students cannot be ignored.

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Moreover, use of projectors, screens and addressing systems (speakers and microphones) allow teachers to teach a large number of students simultaneously.

Studies show that these teaching helps increase concentration levels of students and have led to improvements in student class attendance.

Easier convenience of Information With internet being a vast information base, students are finding it an effective tool for obtaining knowledge.

Students can now retrieve all types of information easier and faster than ever before by way of their personal computers or cell phones.

For the pros of technology, the use of advanced technologies like robotics and artificial cleverness has proved helpful in life-risking tasks like mining and space exploration.

The Internet has brought an important positive change to the entertainment and promoting industry.Mobile phones have broadened the horizons of communication by enabling suitable long-distance…Positive Effects of Technology: The positive effects of technology are that things can occur faster in the world.Advantages of Educational Technology Computers and related technology are essential to the learning process in several ways.Although some people feel that the use of technology can have a negative crash on the socialization and development of critical thinking skills of young children and teenage, and may be misused by some instructors, they are fundamental and significant tools used in classrooms and the workforce, and foster greater understanding of different cultures.The use of technology in schools has also made the process of learning and teaching enjoyable. Unfortunately, some forms of technology could cause a person to become dependent on that technology and unable to function well without access to it.For example, many people have problems driving without a GPS to guide their route.Advertisements can reach the masses within seconds over the Internet.The entertainment media has move forwards only because of the advancements in technology.Transactions can happen immediately over the Internet.News travels around the world about events from the furthest corners. One benefit of technology is that people are able to access information and each other much faster and easier than ever before.


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