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Are there any serious challenge(s) that you face in executing this plan? Identify up to three key papers upon which the research builds Highlight the key takeaway points. “high”: “no result” risk; “competitor” risk (ie being beaten by a competitor); risk of “obsolescence”; other risks? If relevant, identify a ‘puzzle’ that this research aims to resolve.

Contribution: This paper expands existing research related to the life goals and entrepreneurial career path and formulates practical suggestions for higher education of future entrepreneurs.

Reverse Engineering [“RE”] is a process whereby students take an existing research paper and de-construct it back into the ‘Pitching Research’ Framework.

Data: Analysis was conducted using responses to 384 surveys completed by first year Serbian students in semester one of 2016/2017 at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences.

Students identified gender, department and career path.

Key papers should be state of the art, so most likely they are published less than five years from the date of publication of the paper being reviewed. This part relates to the background of the research question and the overall purpose of the paper.

Some papers cited real world phenomenon as their motivation while others referred to some gap in the theory. Structured Abstract Writing provides students with an abstract template, adapted from a modified version of the ‘Pitching Research’ tool. These ‘Pitching Research’ template activities are designed to encourage students to practice reading and interpreting relevant research information and to practice writing content in a clear and concise manner.Usually, this element can be found in the abstract or introduction. Identifying key papers is important in exploring other literature relevant to the paper being reviewed.Usually, key papers are mentioned early in the introduction section and repeatedly throughout the article.Pitching Research is a template tool, developed by Professor Robert Faff from the UQ Business School, designed to help exchange ideas between novice researchers and their academic advisors. Highlight any novel result – how do the findings agree/disagree with existing literature? Highlight any important implications this research has for influence in real world decisions/behavior/activity., 22(1), 37-45.It is a great resource to be used across a wide range of research areas and for diverse levels of research training and mastery. (either internal or external to your institution) Target Journal(s)? Research Question: This paper investigated whether a relationship exists between students’ life goals and preferences for future career type, specifically in entrepreneurship.It is usually described in the introduction section and also referred again in the conclusion. This part focuses on the core “intellectual drive” of the paper.In a quantitative paper, this idea will appear in the literature review or the methodology section as research hypotheses. As an exception, conceptual papers do not use any data.Tools: Statistical analyses of all collected data (Utilizing ANOVA, t test, C coefficient, linear correlation analysis and cluster analysis) were used to draw conclusions about the relationships between variables, particularly the correlation between life goals and career preference.Findings: This study eliminates endowed life goals as a factor in predicting which freshmen would be prone to entrepreneurship as a career, even after considering gender and choice of department (field of study).


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