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Start by choosing the essay, dissertation, or exam preparation you want to complete.Remember – you can use this technique for doing almost any piece of academic writing or exercise, so it works equally well for presentations, reports and research, too.

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Easy and free alternatives include your phone’s built-in stopwatch, downloadable apps (see below), or you can even use a basic kitchen timer, if you have one.

The following free apps are available for i OS, Android or desktop, and have been specifically designed with the Pomodoro Technique in mind so include a variety of useful features.

You’re aiming for the very best work you can do, so make sure there are no distractions to throw you off.

It may be wise to put your phone on flight mode, and whatever you do, don’t log onto any social network. Any longer and you may struggle to get back into a flow.

Keep up this pattern of working and resting for as long as feels good, or until you reach the goal you set yourself for the day.

Whilst it’s fun and the novelty may keep you motivated for a while, there’s no requirement to use a tomato-shaped timer to keep track of your blocks.

By setting a timer to 25 minutes and only working for this long at one time, the goal is help you produce better work, faster than you’d able to without the timer.

It’s an exceptionally effective way of minimising distractions, feeling more motivated, and attacking particularly large tasks like drafting a research paper.

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