Procrastinating Homework

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When a child thinks they must make the mark of 100 per cent on every assignment, they have less motivation to even begin.Be realistic with your expectations, particularly in the early years as children are adjusting to new routines.

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It seems that we can deal with procrastination best by identifying personality traits - the Perfectionist and the Dreamer, the Worrier and the Crisis Maker, the Deifier and the Over-doer.

You will recognise the traits your children best fit. Perfectionists are very detail-oriented, and seldom satisfied with their work.

We want our kids to enjoy school and the privilege of learning, not labor over perfect grades.

Set a timer when necessary When our son is having a particularly hard time settling into an assignment, we determine together how long he must sit and work and then I set a timer.

Ask your children what activities interest them most and prioritize their desires to create a schedule that allows time to start and complete other tasks, as well.

Rearrange the schedule as necessary to maintain balance.A poem by Edgar Guest captures the importance of example.Here’s a portion of it: “I’d rather see a sermon than hear one any day.Maintain a balanced routine If we allow our children to participate in every sport, music, drama, and school activity that occurs, we create an unmanageable schedule with little time left over.When our children can’t visualize the satisfaction of completing a task when they begin, it’s likely they won’t want to start.When it comes to schoolwork, parents often put up with their children’s procrastinating habits.Instead of encouraging good homework strategies, we allow distracted effort or inaction.Break it down It’s easy to procrastinate when a task appears overwhelming.Recently, our son had an assignment that required multiple tasks to complete the finished product.As a result they have great difficulty completing assignments.They have an enormous need to get it "just right," and are easily upset with their mistakes.


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