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Then, when children had worked on the problems for a while, the ones with the same set* came together to compare their ideas and mathematical strategies. See how this works for you, I’d love to read your comments.* For easy reference, we named each set of problems after a gem-stone.

The Problem Solving Company offer a variety of different programs for both Primary and Secondary Schools ranging from short workshops to full activity days Suited to both small and large groups of students, our activity programmes are created to differentiate between age ranges, allowing the students to get the most from their experience.

Eliminating expensive transport costs, reams of paperwork, and the need to leave the school grounds makes The Problem Solving Companies School Team Building Days are a very popular choice.

Many of the questions in maths SATs papers for KS1 and KS2 involve problem-solving.

Help develop your child's mathematical problem-solving skills at home with our guide to what they need to know in Y2 and Y6 and some practical activities you can try at home.

Covering all of Key Stage 2 these books are packed full of useful advice, starter activities, and a host of creative ideas, photocopiable resources and lesson plans.

If you want to take your pupils off auto-pilot and develop a thinking classroom, this is the resource for you!

For example, children might come across a problem like this one: They might choose to solve this by working out 80 - 50, in which case, they might want to draw 8 circles, each representing 10, and then cross off 5 of them: Alternatively, they might want to draw a number line and write 50p on the left hand side, then jump in tens until they get to 80p.

When practising word problems it is really important to allow your child to draw diagrams and pictures as much as possible.

Our National Curriculum based workshops are a great way to improve the image of maths in your school.

Using large resources enables maximum participation for the groups and helps encourage communication and team skills.


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