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On January 27, 1973, a cease-fire was signed in Paris by the United States, North and South Vietnam, and the Viet Cong. intervention, however, the peace negotiations disintegrated, and war resumed. In April, President Ford asked Congress for 2 million in aid for Vietnam. This money was mostly used to evacuate South Vietnamese from Communist-occupied Saigon. The bombs and defoliants used in the war scarred the countryside, permanently in some cases.

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To force the Communists to accept American terms, Nixon again increased bombing, this time on North Vietnamese towns and ports. The South Vietnamese lost upwards of one million soldiers, while the North had between 500,000 and a million deaths.

These bombing missions also repelled the beginning Communist invasion of South Vietnam. Scores of civilians were killed, and 10 million became refugees.

Nixon was able to start peace negotiations, which briefly satisfied the strong appetite for peace felt by millions. The United States' and Vietnam's internal problems, however, soon dominated the talks, which lasted until 1973.

By June of 1969, the NLFSV and other rebel groups organized a Provisional Revolutionary Government, which gained the rebels a place at the bargaining table.

The air strikes increased, becoming more and more frequent, and often more deadly.

Bombers used napalm, a potent jellied form of gasoline that burns long and is difficult to extinguish.

With this, American military presence in the region increased dramatically.

At the start of Kennedy's presidency, about 2,000 American troops were in Vietnam, compared to upwards of 15,000 by 1963. Navy vessels were allegedly attacked by North Vietnamese boats in the Gulf of Tonkin.

The military, in late 1967-early 1968, requested 100,000 more U. Johnson then, in March of 1968, announced that he would not run for reelection.

Richard Nixon won the presidential election in 1968.


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