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The personal statement is a critical component of your application to PT school, as the personal statement can either significantly help or harm your chances for success, it is important to take it seriously. This is your chance to let the Admissions Committee hear from you and understand who you are.

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Many also require that students complete a certain amount of math, science and English courses before applying.

The coursework of bachelor's programs in pre-physical therapy provide students with an introductory examination of the principles and processes in physical therapy. The availability of physical therapist positions is expected to increase as technology and techniques in the field continue to evolve.

Still, Maria's timeline should give you a sense of how it can all work out.

All students must take a online chemistry placement test before registering for chemistry.

This is different from the system in many other countries, in which health care professionals are on a professional track from the moment they graduate high school. The point is to show your ability to learn and excel, rather than to complete a narrow preparation for a specific profession.. If you are taking a gap year, you will apply the summer after graduation. This test is similar to the SAT, in that it tests basic mathematical, verbal, and writing skills. To apply to PTCAS schools, you first complete an application for PTCAS. After you apply to PTCAS and specify the schools you are interested in, you will often be invited to complete "supplementary" applications for those schools. After interviews, you finally get to find out who accepted you--hopefully you'll have the happy dilemma of choosing between acceptances! The first two and a half years of physical therapy school are usually "didactic," meaning that you'll take courses. Some physical therapists go on to complete a residency and/or a fellowship, particularly if they'd like to specialize in one particular aspect of physical therapy.

You must also complete specific prerequisite courses. A "gap year" is a year between completing your undergraduate degree and beginning physical school. It does test the science topics you learn in the prerequisite courses, so you can take it before all of your prerequisites are complete. These supplementaries request more information, in part to make sure you are serious about that particular school. The last half year is "clinical," involving working with physical therapists and patients directly. Residencies and fellowhips typically take a year or two, during which you are paid, but under the supervision of a more experienced physical therapist.

Those students who show high marks in a pre-physical therapy degree program may be given stronger consideration than students who complete a bachelor's degree program in health sciences or biology.

All schools with pre-physical therapy programs require that students show proof of high school transcripts before being accepted.

A pre-physical therapy program is an undergraduate program, and therefore much of the coursework involved focuses on basic concepts such as medical terminology, biology and chemistry.

More advanced physical therapy courses and clinical rotations don't typically take place until graduate school.


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