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Trade reforms have been implemented on the basis of social issues governing poverty, economic growth, welfare of society and development.

Trade reforms have been implemented on the basis of social issues governing poverty, economic growth, welfare of society and development.The majority of the world's population's livelihood has been agriculture and this urges the DDA to focus more on alleviating poverty and raising the standards of living in this sector.Therefore, risk assessments become more relevant and help to understand and implement organizational decision making through perceived financial performance and environmental risks.

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International intervention and guidelines are necessary to ensure that the global work force follows the legal framework on trade and commerce, finance, human rights and code of ethics for labour.

Therefore, it is necessary that global labour standards are backed and reinforced by all governments, workers and employees.

Listed below are some of the best examples of research projects and dissertations from undergraduate and taught postgraduate students at the University of Leeds We have not been able to gather examples from all schools.

The module requirements for research projects may have changed since these examples were written.

Political science is primarily concerned with the social study of the political developments, policies, theory and practices of politics in a state, nation and government.

It is further sub-divided into several related fields that comprise, but are not limited to, policy studies, political behavior and analysis, political theory, present status of the society and culture, political ideology, political philosophy, and comparative politics.It should stress on significance of the European dimensions in the policy-making of the present times.The analysis should be done at various tiers of the government and should comparative in tone and context.Today scientists from this field are engaged in predicting the possible political scenarios, events that could transform our future, they also foresee turmoil in a particular nation, identify processes, well accepted systems and predict the dynamics of nations.On this basis these political scientists are able to provide a roadmap that outlines the world of politics and their outcome.A study exploring the difference between marketeers’ and non-marketeers’ opinions of model size on advertising effectiveness, brand perceptions and purchase intentions A Critical Discourse Analysis of How Women in Top Business and Leadership Roles Were Represented Within The Times and The New York Times During March 2013 Determinants of patent innovation of Central and Eastern Europe knowledge intensive firms: the roles of R&D expenditure and internationalisation The Impact of FDI and Remittances on Economic Growth in South Asia: A Panel Data Study An Exploratory Study of Consumer Animosity in the United Kingdom The Impact of Resources on International Entrepreneurship: An Exploratory Study The gig-economy and the impact on the millennial generation Generation Y in the Accounting Industry: An Exploration into Their Work Values and the Impact of These on Individual Outcomes A Marketing Enigma: Consumer Brand Engagement with Health and Fitness Brands on Instagram Examining motivational factors and challenges of ethnic female entrepreneurs: Lessons learnt from the UK Alternative Asset Investment Criteria, with a focus on Private Equity Financial Stress, Coping Mechanisms and Job Withdrawal Behaviours among Young Financial Workers An evaluation following the introduction of restorative practice in comparative school settings The transition experience: Are we getting it right? A study to explore nursery home visits from different perspectives.What influences effective intervention in parenting support? Electrochemical characterisation of gallium alloys for use as a phospholipid monolayer support Image processing and analysis of porous materials The mechanism of formation of porous calcite composite crystals through thermal decompositio Rec A-based patterning of DNA scaffolds These are good quality reports but they are not perfect.These dissertations achieved a mark of 80 or higher: An investigation into the relationship between early exposure and brand loyalty The relationship between sustained and divided attentional abilities and Autistic Spectrum Disorder traits Experiences of parents of people with anorexia nervosa: an interpretative phenomenological analysis Autonomous motivation: the key to employee performance and workplace success?The following two examples have been annotated with academic comments.To what extent should Costa Rica's tourism strategy be imitated by Nicaragua?(Mark 68) An Investigative Study into the Effects of Price and Non-Price Oriented TV Advertising on Generation Z Consumers’ Purchase Intentions.


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