Pitbull Should Not Be Banned Essay

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An experienced North Carolina dog attack attorney can help you understand the laws regarding these types of accidents.

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For this reason, legislation that targets pit bulls may have to name quite a few types of dogs.

The American pit bull terrier, better known as the pit bull, was first bred as a mix between bulldogs and terriers, with a focus on physical strength and agility.

Although originally intended as a farm dog, the breed got its name from some owners’ tendency to use them for the violent sport of pit fighting.

Despite an unsuccessful 2013 effort by the state legislature to pass a form of BSL, pit bulls remain legal to own and are treated the same as other breeds throughout most of the state.

A small number of towns, however, have adopted regulations of their own, including: As you can see, it is only within a very small sliver of the state that anything resembling a pit bull ban is in place.


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