Persuasive Essay Should Schools Start Later

Students would get more sleep, would have a good breakfast, would have time to review their studies thus getting better marks and they would even be less depressed!Just shifting the school time by 45 min would make a huge difference and solve countless problems!!

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I believe that all schools who are not already starting at should make the change today!!

School start times vary considerably, both across the nation and within individual communities, with some schools beginning earlier than a.m. Districts often stagger the start times of different schools in order to reduce transportation costs by using fewer buses.

The primary rationale given for start times affecting academic performance is biological.

Numerous studies, including those published by Elizabeth Baroni and her colleagues in 2004 and by Fred Danner and Barbara Phillips in 2008, have found that earlier start times may result in fewer hours of sleep, as students may not fully compensate for earlier rising times with earlier bedtimes.

(Reuters Health) - When high schools start at a.m.

or later, attendance rates and graduation rates improve, according to a new study.

A 1996 survey of research studies found substantial evidence that less sleep is associated with a decrease in cognitive performance, both in laboratory settings and through self-reported sleep habits.

Researchers have likewise reported a negative correlation between self-reported hours of sleep and school grades among both middle- and high-school students.

When they arrive at school on time, they’re more likely to stay in class and graduate.

“When kids miss a bus early in the morning and that’s their only form of transportation, they miss class and then soon the credits,” said Kyla Wahlstrom of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, who wasn’t involved with this study. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that in 42 states, 75-100 percent of public schools start before a.m.


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