Overcoming Difficulties In Life Essay

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What first comes to mind as a possible topic is often the best topic, and one thing to keep in mind is this – how will the topic align with the rest of your packet?But as you have already learned in the process of developing your essays, promoting yourself can backfire very easily because nobody likes someone who toots her or his own horn. This conveys to the reader that you realize that the challenge you are talking about is not a big deal in the overall scheme of things, but it is something that has given you some self insight, which is what you want to share with the reader.

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"Frederick Douglass & the Process of Photography." Understanding Rhetoric.

Just as I use my struggle as a tool to chip away the imperfections in my life, Frederick and Barbara used their experiences to chip away the fallacies of our nation.

Personal challenges encourage me to grow as an individual and make better choices for a brighter future.

The thing to do is to take a personal approach to set yourself apart.

The way to do this is to consider what the challenge was “behind” or “underlying” your particular challenge with the language.- Overcoming Obstacles Have you ever found yourself pondering “what now?” after having made a goal that seemed easy enough to achieve, only to find yourself facing a dilemma.It is important that we take control of our situation and use the personal hardship as an opportunity to better ourselves. It takes a keen eye and careful self-evaluation to remove any inclusions that will mar the beautiful diamond we possess in all of us. Frederick Douglass did not like the way African Americans were portrayed in print. Through drawn illustrations or written descriptions, the white man’s hand was heavily burdened with the apparent disgust that black individuals were no more human than dogs. Each one of us is shaped into a distinctive cut of stone, giving way to different grades of clarity and color, making us rare, valuable, and uniquely our own. Frederick Douglass and Barbara Ehrenreich are two individuals who lived in different time periods; however, both individuals used their personal struggles to inspire change in the hearts of others. The white artists of the day generated biased illustrations with “exaggerated distinctive features” (Fried 92). Poverty into an American Crime." Understanding Rhetoric. Frederick believed that the images of African Americans, created by whites, robbed them of their credibility and painted a slanderous portrayal of Negros.


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