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During Year 4 doctoral candidates (i.e., doctoral students who have successfully passed both their written and oral comprehensive exam sections) work independently in close and frequent consultation with their Dissertation Chair and committee members to complete the dissertation experience.

Can I get any additional endorsements to add to my current license/certification?

The dissertation is typically designed to represent the results of intensive critical inquiry and research into a specific phenomenon related to a field of study as a contribution of new knowledge to the field of study. Decisions for admission are made by the program faculty and are ultimately based on the content of the submitted documents and a successful interview. How long does it take to complete the Leadership Studies Ed. Candidates who need more time to complete the dissertation have up to an additional 3 years, if needed, but must enroll in at least 3 semester hours of dissertation study for each semester until completion.

typically requires a period of residency spent on the college/university campus engaged in full-time study, along with the creation of a dissertation. How are students selected for the Leadership Studies Ed. The most successful applicants to the doctoral program must hold a master's degree with at least a 3.0 GPA, have demonstrated leadership potential, and are prepared to set aside time and to make deliberate efforts to participate in intensive study while also engaging in other full-time obligations such as work and family commitments. This program is designed to allow students to complete coursework within 3 years with as much as one additional year to complete the required doctoral dissertation, for a total of 4 years.

graduates often have interests in pursuing a deeper research agenda related to their field of study, and may also seek employment as instructors in institutions of higher education, especially those specializing in research. A dissertation is not typically required for most Ed. If the credit hours (taken within the last five years) have not been applied toward another degree or certification/licensure and the course content matches the curriculum in the Ed. Program it is possible to transfer in approximately 12 hours of graduate course credit.

programs require a culminating major project with emphasis on issues related to the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of practitioners in their career field. Can I transfer in credit hours I have already earned elsewhere?Typically the classes will be held on Mondays and Thursdays (or Tuesdays and Thursdays) - p.m., with 30% online engagement.During Year 3 most of the supporting area courses (selected by student choice with program approval) will be provided via online delivery; however, there are face-to-face options. You may need to identify at least one week-day per week when your employer will permit you to leave work early enough to attend classes during the fall and spring semesters (arriving on time by p.m.). The program is designed for working adults so there are no expectations for you to leave your current position.Within the last few years of offering the program we have discovered a desire for a hybrid or blended format, and beginning in the fall of 2016 our program will be delivered to accommodate 70% face-to-face and 30% online engagement.The face-to-face class meetings will be enhanced by online discussion forums, guest speakers with expertise in the field, student presentations, study group sessions with cohort members, and more! Financial aid is available for students who are eligible.As we seek to provide a top-notch doctoral program we will support the advancement of top-notch individuals into a competitive job market that seeks leaders such as the ones who will graduate from our program. Most face-to-face classes/courses in the Leadership Studies Doctoral Program are held in the Business, Education, and Human Development (BE) Building on the northeast side of the LSUS campus.The ED 805 Diversity and Social Justice course is typically taught in the Health & Physical Education Building.Candidates should consult with the program director and the chair of their doctoral committee to pursue possibilities.For example, Louisiana Type A or B licensed educators may add a Technology Facilitator, or Technology Leader endorsement.


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