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If you don’t plan, it’s hard to write a clear, well-organised essay. When planning, you need to: One: decide what your conclusion is going to be.

Two: decide how many body paragraphs you’re going to have, and the main topic of each one.

Or, you could go for a balanced conclusion, where your position is a compromise between both sides. If you were writing this essay, what would your conclusion be?

Remember that one conclusion isn’t better than another. However, you should know what your conclusion is before you go any further.

It is hard even to imagine a world in which people are forced to exercise regularly, or prevented from eating what they wanted; the idea is manifestly ridiculous.

On the other hand, unhealthy choices do not only impact the individual who makes them.Let’s look at three sample plans: Which plan is better? Let’s review quickly: your plan needs to do two things.One: your plan needs to be consistent with your conclusion, so that all your ideas support your final point.Two: you need to have one (and only one) main idea in each body paragraph. There are three things you can do in your introduction: First, you can provide a ‘hook’: something which shows why the topic you’re writing about is interesting or relevant.This could be some background information, a rhetorical question, an interesting fact, or something similar. The second part—reframing the question—is important if you’re aiming for higher scores—7.5 or higher.It’s easy to misunderstand the question, or to misunderstand a key word in the question. That means you need to go back and read it again, and think about it more. Secondly, you need to identify how many things the task is asking you to do. Some people believe that everyone should be free to make their own lifestyle choices, even if those choices are unhealthy.(1) Other people think that the government should intervene to influence people’s choices, for example by putting high taxes on unhealthy products.You could say that people are free to make whatever unhealthy choices they want, and the government should not get involved.You could say that the government should intervene to influence people’s decisions, and that people are not free to make absolutely any bad choices they want.(2)This way, you can check when you’re planning or writing, and make sure you aren’t leaving anything out.Let’s review: when you analyse the task, you should try to rephrase the question in your own words, and then work out how many things you need to do. This is a super-important step, even if you feel that you don’t have time.


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