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John Steinbeck shows the theme that in life, responsibility is best taken in moderation in his novel Of Mice and Men.      In Of Mice and Men, George shows the weight of responsibility on taking care of Lennie.

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You get a passage from the text and a question on that passage, and then you get a question about the wider issues in the novel.

Sometimes, the passage is on a character and sometimes it is on a theme.

Let’s see if I can get that into something I can write about in ten minutes.

His use of colour and symbolism is particularly significant in painting a picture of her as something dangerous and forbidden.

Often times, Lennie’s strength would be too much for the animal and they would fall under his powerful hands.

In the end, both men see that they were not capable of conquering the tasks at hand.

That gives me a bit of leeway if I need it, just to finish things off and write a conclusion. ” “she said playfully” “she smiled archly and twitched her body” “She was suddenly apprehensive”. So he uses symbolism (cutting off the light) and he uses colour.

Other people’s reactions to her: “Both men glanced up” “Lennie’s eyes moved down over her body” “George said brusquely” “Lennie watched her, fascinated.” “Slim said ‘Hi, goodlookin’.'” “Jesus, what a tramp.” (George) Now, obviously, there’s too much here. I could write for three hours about just this tiny passage. Three main points with two or three examples from the text. He describes her appearance and he describes how she moves and talks.

The Unit 1 paper is 1h and 30 minutes, so you get 45 minutes on each section.

That means you have three-quarters of an hour to write about both questions on “Of Mice and Men”.


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