Odysseus Hero Essay Title

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In this verse, Virgil said The main character Aeneas is a small person in the early poetry, the work itself is academically divided into "Odyssey" and "Iliad" parts.

In this relationship, Virgil owes Homer 's creative debts, and similarities can be clearly seen when Homer' s Odysseus and Virgil Aeneas' experience is lining up.

Odysseus and Aeneas are very similar in some respects and are very different.

They are all magnificent heroes, except that one is a Greek and the other is a Trojan horse.

Virgil's "Aneid" and Homer's "Odyssey" are two very different stories from the opposite point of view. Therefore, the leadership of these two leaders, Aeneas and Odysseus, is very different.

However, despite the differences, they face the challenge that they all become true leaders.

Dramatists have explored his potentialities as a man of policies, and romanticists have seen him as a Byronic adventurer.

In fact, each era has reinterpreted “the man of many turns” in its own way, without destroying the archetypal figure.

Odysseus is from the Greek story Odyssey written by the famous Greek poet Homer. Aeneas is from The Roman story The Aenied, written by the famous Roman poet Virgil.

Aeneas' mission is to find a new house for him and his family.


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