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The satellite which the Russians have dubbed Sputnik... No one in our nation's capital could deny that the satellite... Chief Engineer of the Army Ballistic Missile Agency... There are some peculiarities to the Marriott which the show won’t face elsewhere. There can be positives with this — director Rachel Rockwell, who has a nice sense of pace, finds theatrical ways to depict rocket launches and the descent into mineshafts.

Now we all could've been killed 'cause you didn't have the sense to look up!

When you get down in the mine, get that coal shovel in your hand... Listen for the sound which forevermore separates the old from the new.

All I know is this Sputnik had better show up soon. you sort of let your arm sort of slide on down her shoulder...

This country'd better get on the ball before it's too late. When it gets scary, and she ain't payin' attention to nothin' but the movie...

No surprise at all here: The youngsters are all played by the type of talented young (albeit not exactly teenaged) performers that Chicago grows like crops.

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Marriott regular Nate Lewellyn plays lead character Homer (portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal in the film), and he carries the complex core of the tale, the battle between dreams and reality, as well as demonstrating a vocal range that can hit and hold the high notes Mahler uses for songs about the stars.

Given its character-based orientation and its dramatic (as opposed to comedic) undertones, “October Sky” is at its most potent when at its most personal; this is a show that can go far as long as it strives for intimacy with the audience, rather than a slick showiness.

Finally, the October Sky script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Jake Gyllenhaal and Chris Cooper movie.

The match of a movie to a composer is a pretty key choice, and Mahler turns out to be a great fit for the dark but still nostalgic Americana that “October Sky” depicts.

He blends musical styles — country, blues, bluegrass, early rock ‘n’ roll — and, while not always consistently, he assigns these different American sounds to give voice to the characters and their inner emotions.


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