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Once, I sat still on my seat without doing anything, and you came straight to me and hit my back third times ruthlessly.I felt so aggrieved—I could only handle that much as a small child.A few days later, you called me to the back of the classroom and hit me because of a wrong calculation.

Earlier this month, a Chinese mother stumbled upon an essay her daughter had written detailing the physical and emotional abuse she suffered in the classroom.

When the mother posted the essay to We Chat, China’s most popular social network, it instantly went viral, sparking outrage online and catching the attention of the local education bureau. 6, depicts a child desperately craving validation from a cold teacher who often berated her students and beat them with a stick.

“The teachers would kick and hit the kids and made us terrified in class…it kind of strikes me that these phenomena still exist.”Here’s the full text (link in Chinese) of the letter, translated by Quartz: Teacher, what I want to tell you My teacher, I truly have no idea of what I’ve done that offended you ever since the very beginning of school.

I remember very clearly that the first time you hit me was the fifth day of the first semester in grade one.

In April 2016, for example, a leaked video showed a kindergarten teacher in China’s southwestern city Chongqing beating and pulling the hair of a four-year-old girl.

The essay was written over summer vacation, when the girl woke up in the middle of the night. “My heart is trembling, tears are running, hands are shaking. Why does it give so many pains to a kind and quiet girl like me?

The girl, whose school is in China’s northern Shanxi province, was in this teacher’s classroom for four years, and she described being hit for minor mistakes as well as seemingly arbitrary reasons, such as not giving her teacher a birthday gift.

Once, when the girl tried defending herself, she was beaten 20 times, wrote the fourth grader.“I am fighting so hard to be the good child in your eyes, but things never develop as I wish,” she wrote.

My mum and I both suffered from your mean face and heavy criticism.

I know my mum didn’t fight back or say anything because of me.


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