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The legislation is not empirically supported because previous data of staffing for best practices hospitals does not uniformly indicate that hospitals which are rated highly for quality of patient care have richer staffing than other hospitals (Perrin & Mc Ghee, 2008).

Therefore, critics of mandated staffing ratios argue that it is not clearly evident that legislating staffing ratios enhances patient care.

They believe that failing to set minimum standards will not be impossible because of the shortage, but rather poor staffing is a cause of the shortage, and will continue until staffing is fixed.

Another drawback of the mandated staffing ratios is that staffing levels are determined by the government, away from the bedside.

What data resources and tools analyze costs, health insurance, and hospitalization services? How will you determine if outpatient management is cost-effective? Staffing Plan: Apply evidence-based management strategies and best practices for resourcing health care services.

Identify the disciplines and skill mix needed for appropriate staffing.

You may use any combination of documents (for example, a spreadsheet or a table) in addition to explanatory information to convey information clearly and succinctly. Examples: salary and benefits, staffing mix, specialized equipment or materials, et cetera. Apply legal and professional standards for resourcing outpatient services.

Choose one of the following: Budget: Apply evidence-based management strategies and best practices for resourcing health care services. Explain the alignment to best practices and professional standards for cost effective outpatient services.

Discussion Mandated staffing ratios are said to limit hospitals’ flexibility in staffing.

They prevent management from customizing staffing levels to patient needs.


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