Nlp Research Papers

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The numerical grounding helps quite a bit, and the best results are obtained when the KB conditioning is also added. Black Holes and White Rabbits : Metaphor Identification with Visual Features Ekaterina Shutova, Douwe Kiela, Jean Maillard. The basic system uses word embedding similarity – cosine between the word embeddings.

Then they explore variations using phrase embeddings, cos(phrase-word2, word2), which is similar to the operations with word regularities by Mikolov.

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They evaluate on the Co NLL-14 dataset, integrate probabilities from a large language model, and achieve good results. On-line Active Reward Learning for Policy Optimisation in Spoken Dialogue Systems Pei-Hao Su, Milica Gasic, Nikola Mrksic, Lina Rojas-Barahona, Stefan Ultes, David Vandyke, Tsung-Hsien Wen, Steve Young. They train a supervised system which tries to predict the success on the current dialogue – if the model is certain about the outcome, the predicted label is used for training the dialogue system; if the model is uncertain, the user is asked to provide a label.

Nlp Research Papers

Essentially it reduces the amount of annotation that is required, by choosing which examples should be annotated through active learning. task is to predict feature norms – object properties, for example .

They show improvement on two error correction datasets. Variational Neural Machine Translation Biao Zhang, Deyi Xiong, Jinsong Su, Hong Duan, Min Zhang. First, they model the posterior probability of z, conditioned on both input and output.

Then they also model the prior of z, conditioned only on the input.

Staying on top of recent work is an important part of being a good researcher, but this can be quite difficult.

Thousands of new papers are published every year at the main ML and NLP conferences, not to mention all the specialised workshops and everything that shows up on Ar Xiv.


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