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New Labour also has a greater emphasis on upon individual achievement and responsibility.

New Labour also has a greater emphasis on upon individual achievement and responsibility.

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New Labour and Tony Blair believed in Communitarianism, which puts emphasis onto the community or caring individualism, decisions at community level and less reliance on the state.

However it also does say restrained ‘caring’ individualism which means you can be as successful or have as much money as you wish but be aware of the society and community around you.

This then reformed the Labour party from ‘Old Labour’ to present ‘New Labour’.

However some people may argue now that the Labour Party are the smallest political party because many of the labour backbenchers do not whole heartedly support many of the changes that labour have gone through.

However these similarities therefore show us to a lesser extent have the Labour party broken from its traditional roots.

This is because Old Labour believed in the people which is why they were in favour of trade unions and nationalisation because this allowed more power to the demos however New Labour isn’t as strongly focused on the people which is why Tony Blair abolished nationalisation and lowered the power of the trade unions.

New Labour also believes in Privatisation, which is the opposite of Old Labours nationalisation.

It was a theory formed that if businesses were made private more money would be spread around the economy to help everyone not only the rich or poor.

During the 1980’s the labour party went through significant change.

N Kinnock became leader in 1983; he purged the labour party of the militants and in his leadership commitment to nuclear disarnments was dropped.


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