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In addition to conducting activities along the border, they are visible throughout the Gulf Coast region, in the Southern states of Tabasco, Yucatan, Quintana Roo, and Chiapas, and in the Pacific Coast states of Guerrero, Oaxaca, and Michoacán, as well as in Mexico City.[8] They are also active in Texas and, possibly, other U. President Felipe Calderón, who took office in December 2006, has placed the Army in the forefront of the war against drugs.It is ironic that loyal Gafes helped to capture kingpins such as Cardenas Guillen, whom Gafes-turned-Zetas were hired to safeguard.

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“They are openly defying the Mexican state,” said Mexico City political scientist Jorge Chabat.

“They are showing that they can kill anybody at any time.

These informal almost hand shake agreements were followed and held true through the increase of drug use in the 70s and the 80s.

These hand shake agreements agreements helped to maintain a level of peace and kept Mexico safe.

In what pundits labeled the “invasion of the body snatchers,” in early March 2007 four armed men broke into the graveyard in the town of Poza Rica, Veracruz state, tied up a security guard, smashed Roberto Carlos Carmona’s gravestone with hammers, and carried off his ornate coffin containing their comrade’s corpse.[11] They also honor their dead.

Three months after authorities killed Guzmán Decena in late 2002, a funeral wreath and four flower arrangements appeared at his gravesite with the inscription “We will always keep you in our heart: from your family, Los Zetas.” In addition, they retaliate with sadistic savagery against their enemies.Some criminals carry images of bandit Jesús Malverde, the “Narco Saint” known also as the “Generous One” and “The Angel of the Poor” because of his fight for the downtrodden against a nineteenth-century dictatorship.There are several other Los Zetas groups in addition to commandoes.The relationship beetween these cartels and the government has always been trickyand has become veryprofitable for both sides.In turn for a piece of the profit, the Mexican government made a deal the the cartels would have very little to limited legal prosecution and almost a guarantee that such prosecution would never reach high ranking cartel memebers.This constant intervention from outside countires made it hard for the ovenment which is already weak and powerless to resit the powerful and dangerous drug cartels.Many people say that these issues and problems are solely due to the governemts actions Supporters would argue that the government is saying its ok to the cartels to operate since they are not doing anything about the problems.His top recruit, Lieutenant Arturo Guzmán Decenas, brought with him approximately 30 other deserters enticed by salaries substantially higher than those paid by the Mexican government.[5] The original defectors, whose nicknames include “El Winnie Pooh,” “The Little Mother,” and “El Guerra,” had belonged to the 15th and 70th Infantry Battalions and the 15th Motorized Cavalry Regiment.[6] Once Cardenas Guillen consolidated his position, he expanded the role of Los Zetas to collecting debts, securing cocaine supply and trafficking routes known as , discouraging defections from the cartel, and executing its foes—often with grotesque savagery.After the military killed Guzmán Decenas (November 2002) and captured his second-in-command, Rogelio González Pizaña (October 2004), ex-Gafe Heriberto “The Executioner” Lazcano Lazcano ascended to the apex of the paramilitaries.Los Zetas have set up camps in which to train recruits aged 15 to 18 years old, as well as ex-federal, state, and local police officers.In addition, they have invited into their ranks ex-troops from Guatemala known as Kaibiles.


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