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Gregor’s appearance does not help with his mother’s health and this sometimes excites fit’s of violence in his father.In one instance his father become irate and pelts Gregor with fruit injuring and making it hard for him to walk.

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In a modern world of money and politics where there is a breadwinner of the household Gregor realizes that he has missed his train making getting to work improbable.

His income is the means by which the household stays a household.

The music coming from the parlor sways him from his room and he cannot help but to dance his way into the parlor.

When the loggers catch site of him the family cannot handle it any longer and in that is the breaking point for the family.

Once the realization that Gregor as a giant insect can hardly have or hold down a job sets in the father again gets to step back into the lime light as the breadwinner and provider.

Gregor begins to become useless to his family in his present form.

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It also goes on to tell about his many leg and how they compare to his massive bug body.

All the descriptions give a vivid imagery of the physics of a horrid insect.


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