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75% of the responding schools reported that MCAT was the first or second factor considered in applications.

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The MCAT or the Medical College Admission Test is a computer-based, multiple-choice, standardized exam that all medical school applicants must take before attending medical school.

Therefore, it is required if you are seeking admissions into medical school.

For some of the more prestigious medical schools in the country, the minimum MCAT score is between 508 and 512 - below which you will not make it past any screening for interviews, regardless of how strong the rest of your application is.

That's a minimum -- if you earn that score, you're still very unlikely to be admitted!

A score of 512, one standard deviation from the mean, corresponds with the 84th Percentile, and a score of 521, two standard deviations from the mean, corresponds with the 99th Percentile. Nor would they want to; diversity is an important factor in every school’s admissions policy.

In fact, if you do have exceptionally high numbers, it is important to project humility and concern for others even more strongly than an average or above average student, to offset the impression of arrogance. Ultra smart students face a certain amount of prejudice, partly due to jealousy, and partly due to the fact that a lot of really smart people are arrogant.Letters of recommendation and community service round out the top five most important factors in determining admission.Yet, the five most important pieces of data for making offers of acceptance are, in order: 1) Interview recommendation 2) Letters of recommendation 3) Science and math GPA (BCPM) 4) Medical community service 5) Cumulative GPA Clearly, once you pass a certain threshold, the numbers become less important and other factors are weighed more highly.Unlike with business school and certain other types of degrees, there is no substitute test that can be used in place of it.Generally speaking, it is wiser to only take the test once, since all scores must be submitted to the school. Since medical school applications have risen in recent years, the MCAT has become more important because it is the most efficient way for schools to weed out large numbers of candidates.If you just want to get into a medical school period, then you should make sure to study enough beat the 50% mark and focus more on other factors that are easier to control, such as recommendations and community service.If you cannot clear 495, then you should probably choose a different type of school; there are many types of medical schools that are not as concerned with MCAT scores.Jumping from a 3.0 GPA to a 3.5 GPA will make a huge difference in someone's application, whereas jumping from a 3.5 GPA to a 4.0 will not be quite as dramatic (although it is obviously an advantage to have a 4.0 versus a 3.5 GPA) -- unless that candidate has a low MCAT score. If you want to get into a top school, you will need at least a 515 to clear their cutoffs.Then, that extra boost to GPA can really matter a lot. From that point on, the other factors in your application will begin to matter more and more.In 2007, Kaplan test prep reported that in a survey sent to all allopathic medical schools (about 125 at the time) and admissions officers from 83 schools responded.77% of the responding schools reported that GPA was the first or second factor considered in applications.


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