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The wishes of the couples were not considered important.The bride was especially expected to defer to her father's wishes. It made consent of the couple a requirement for marriage.In a 2014 survey conducted by the United Nations Population Fund and International Center for Research on Women, 11.7% of men and 8.5% of women surveyed claimed that they chose their partners and married with or without the consent of their families.

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In Egypt, love marriages, especially interfaith marriages, are generally considered socially unacceptable.

Interfaith marriages are often seen as a tactic to recruit members from other religions.

The only way to make a marriage work is – curiously – not to expect everything from it.

Some of the happiest marriages have been between people who knew that they would, despite their best intentions, make each other a little bit miserable sometimes.

But it’s the continuation of marriage that is – of course – the real challenge and here we are too often left on our own.

This essay is The School of Life’s guide to the rest of a life together, containing twenty central ideas on how to make a relationship work over decades beyond the wedding day.

There are deep-seated reasons why happiness will not always be present.

Each partner’s character and mind is hugely complex and convoluted.

Initially, love marriages occurred between acceptable communities.

The boundaries between the two types have started to blur.


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