Managing Effective Teams Essay

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It is the leader¡¦s task to provide the proper training, coaching, and environment that promotes progress through these stages (Strategos, Inc., 2005).

There are four stages of team development: „X Forming - The first stage of team development.

Management's responsibility is to help team members work effectively together and this is no easy task. Team development is the most important factor for a high performing team. High Performance dramatically affect an organization's performance.

To make an effective, developed team, first of all understanding what team development is. In recent years, teams have emerged as the most important group phenomenon in organizations.

When Davis wanted to pursue a different direction with his music, he assembled a new team with a mixture of new and young talent that kept him at the top of the music industry during his time.

Teams are often crucial to the organization achieving its desired success.

As stated above, the first and probably the most important, is the understanding of the purpose, mission, or main objective of the team.

Each team member must ensure that communication is direct, open, and straightforward.

One of the most important aspects of a successful team is the level of commitment from various members. However, Woodcock for example, writes that there are many barriers to successful team building and chosen and increase the likelihood of a successful team resulting.

In addition to commitment, the team must communicate well, envelop trust, have patience, be level of circularity between Team building and techniques. All this may be all well and done, however, as Taraschi (19) states, "when building teams, companies often overlook the amount of support and attention members need to get established and comfortable." So, nurturing by the organisation and management should be of prime concern when the team is still in its embryonic stage, and as Taraschi (19) suggests, "…paying attention ) emergency situations.


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