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Ambition has series consequences in the play: Macbeth is slain as a tyrant and Lady Macbeth commits suicide.Shakespeare does not give either character the opportunity to enjoy what they have achieved – perhaps suggesting that it is more satisfying to achieve your goals fairly than to achieve them through corruption.In testing Macduff’s loyalty, Malcolm outlines the difference between ambition and morality by pretending to be greedy and power hungry.

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Our chimneys were blown off...strange screams of death..say the earth was feverous and did shake".

Another quote in Act 2 Scene 4 from Old Man "Tis unnatural, even like the deed that's done.

The natural world of Scotland in Macbeth is established as the monarchy (King Duncan) who is contrasted to the witches scenes on heath.

The concept of the 'chain of being' was believed that all life forms that god created are ranked in a divinely planned hierarchy. Middle The natural and supernatural realms further conflict after the regicide of King Duncan.

This means that the protagonist of a high rank who is essentially good, plummets because of a fatal flaw and causes consequences for everyone and this is shown in Macbeth.

The natural world of Medieval Scotland, where dutiful themes pay homage to monarchical Kings, comes close to destruction as unnatural acts of regicidal Macbeths ('spurred' on by witches and apparitions) brings about tragic consequences.But is this really the end to over-reaching ambition in the kingdom?The audience is left to wonder if Banquo’s heir will eventually become king as prophesied by the Macbeth witches.It is important to analyse some of the language choices in more detail and to also relate the analysis to how structure and form are used to shape meaning; this means linking points and ranging around the text to show a deeper understanding of the whole text.Below you will find five outstanding thesis statements for Macbeth by William Shakespeare that can be used as essay starters or paper topics.On Tuesday last, a falcon tow'ring in her pride of place was by a mousing owl hawk'd at and kill'd".This describes the unnatural happenings right after the regicide of King Duncan and reflects the chaos from the conflict of natural vs supernatural.Her ambition and selfish desire to become queen has resulted in her unnaturalness and gives her masculine qualities.Because of this and the continuation of the regicide, her large amount of guilt drives her into madness and despair which leads to her death.Will he act on his own ambition or will fate play a part in realizing the prophecy? Introduction Macbeth Practise Essay William Shakespeare's tragedy 'Macbeth' explores the natural and unnatural worlds of Scotland, conveying that ultimately, the two cannot co-exist.


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