Macbeth Downfall Essay

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Murdering the beloved king caused his future subjects to loose faith in his leadership.

His delusional suspicion of others isolated him and drove him mad.

The predictions they give, coupled with their unholy ways suggest that they are in control of him. It is admittedly strange that the weird sisters first address Macbeth with,”All hail, Macbeth! ”(I, iii, 49), a title which not even Macbeth is aware he has been awarded. Banquo hears the witches’ words and tells Macbeth: He is telling Macbeth not to be swayed by the witches even though one of the prophecies has come true. He is so enraptured by the prophecies of the witches that he consciously follows a path of darkness in an effort to fulfil the prophecies It can also be shown that the witches definitely have no physical control over Macbeth.

Even stranger is the third witch calling to Macbeth,”All hail, Macbeth, that shalt be king hereafter! Here it may seem as if the witches are using their supernatural powers to control Macbeth’s future. At the very beginning of the scene, the first witch punishes a sailor’s wife by tossing his ship about on the seas. The witches can do no more to Macbeth than they did to the sailor.

Led by his overpowering ambition, Macbeth commits the greatest act of treason against his country; and when discovered, makes the noblemen rethink their loyalty to their king.

Upon the discovery of Duncan’s body, Macbeth announces that he accidentally killed the attendants, who appeared to be the guilty party.

Responding to this, Macduff asks him, “Wherefore did you so?

” (2.3.108) The first signs of suspicion come from Macduff, who distrusts Macbeth after he hastily ‘destroys the evidence’ at the crime scene.

In referring to the idea of the murder of Duncan, Macbeth first states,”We will proceed no further in this business”(I, vii, 32).

Yet, after speaking with Lady Macbeth he recants and proclaims, “I am settled, and bend up /Each corporal agent to this terrible feat”(I, vii, 79-80).


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