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John Birmingham - "Appeasing Jakarta: Australia's complicity in the East Timor tragedy" 3.Guy Rundle - "The opportunist: John Howard and the rise of reaction" 4.Founding editor Peter Craven was sacked by the magazine's owner, property developer Morry Schwartz, in early 2004 over a dispute about the joint authorship of one essay, and, more widely, the magazine's future direction.

Judith Brett - "Relaxed and Comfortable - The Liberal Party's Australia" 20. Amanda Lohrey - "Voting for Jesus - Christianity and Politics in Australia" 23.

John Birmingham - "A Time for War- The Rebirth of Australia's Military Culture" 21. Inga Clendinnen - "The History Question - Who Owns The Past? Ian Lowe - "Reaction Time - Climate Change and the Nuclear Option" 28.

Judith Brett - "Exit Right - The Unravelling of John Howard" 29.

Anne Manne - "Love and Money: The family and the free market" 30.

Throughout much of the last hundred years, physicalism has been the orthodox position in the philosophy of mind.

essay competition was launched at Britain Yearly Meeting Gathering in York in the summer of 2009, 150 years after Joseph Stephenson Rowntree's famous essay began the re-invigoration of Quakerism in Britain.

Critical and Miscellaneous Essays (1838-1839) is the title of a collection of reprinted reviews and other magazine pieces by the Scottish philosopher and historian Thomas Carlyle.

Along with Sartor Resartus and The French Revolution it was one of the books that made his name.

John Button - "Beyond belief: what future for Labor? John Martinkus - "Paradise Betrayed - West Papua's Struggle for Independence" 8.

Amanda Lohrey - "Groundswell - The Rise of the Greens" 9.


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