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All was quiet for about 10 minutes until Tiffany returned in another state of panic. As an instructor, I now develop assignments that require students to be creative, encourage problem-solving skills with individualized case studies and simulations, and challenge students with Socratic questioning and open-ended examinations instead of using a strict multiple-choice format.

About 15 minutes later, Tiffany hurried toward the nursing station with a panicked look on her face. As we walked, I encouraged her to explain the emergency.

Thoughts of a cardiac arrest, patient fall, seizure, or violent behavior emerged from my critical care mindset. ” After encouraging her to just be professional about it and act confidently, off she went to apply her new solution.

They set off with their arms full of linens and ambition.

Feeling satisfied that I had intervened effectively, I stationed myself at the central desk where I could be found if anyone needed me. ” I quickly walked her back toward her assigned patient's room.

IN NURSING SCHOOL, I learned about two types of thinking: There is the regular kind, and then there is critical thinking.

Although it sounds like it means thinking about important things, critical thinking really means using reflective, systematic thought processes while weighing alternatives and finding a creative solution.

The PDF Table of Contents does not include links or page numbers which would be very helpful for navigation.

Other than that, the text was very easy to navigate.

The discipline often uses multiple terms for the same concept, but this text avoids that trap nicely. Since there are only four chapters, those chapters include large blocks of information.

However, the chapters themselves are very well delineated and could be easily broken up so that parts could be left out or covered in a different order from the text.


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