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Since my initial visit in 1996, I have returned multiple times to Mother Teresa’s orphanage to volunteer my time with the children.I have also been involved in helping adolescents with emotional, social, and behavioral problems at the Children’s Assessment Centre.

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I have traveled throughout Asia, from the crowded streets of Bangkok to my family’s village in Northeast India.

I have also experienced Western cultures, from attending university in Canada to studying abroad in Western Europe.

I would use it again and have already recommended it to a number of friends. ”Dear John, You come across as a very intelligent and caring individual in this essay.

Your work at Mother Teresa’s orphanage is truly compelling, and your educational and professional experiences suggest that you have strong qualifications for law school.

I have worked closely with the legal department of the bank and have learned a great deal about estate, collection, and repossession law.

This work has enabled me to guide my clients more effectively and has also taught me to delegate tasks beyond my competency to more experienced experts in the field.

I had seen women and children begging on the street for money, but I did not know what to expect as I made my way through Calcutta’s twisting, claustrophobic streets.

My lungs filled with the delightfully pungent aroma of Indian spices and incense as I turned a corner and faced the gates of Mother Teresa’s orphanage.

I learned through my work at Mother Teresa’s orphanage that commitment to others can lead to great results. At first, my practice may only help one person at a time.

Eventually, I hope to impact entire communities, cities, and even states.


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