Importance Of Problem Solving Skills

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In such situations, a template offers a way for people to contribute in a managed structured way.The main template question can be whatever suits your purposes - it can be about timing, where, who, how, and is not necessarily restricted to two columns.In any case, factors/options can be weighted and scored appropriately.

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This first simple example below enables the weighting of the pros and cons of buying a new car to replace an old car.

The methodology is easily adapted for more complex decisions, such as in business strategy and consideration of more complex factors (notably found within other tools such in SWOT and PEST and Porter's Five Forces).(The actual scores below are examples and are not suggested weightings of how to make such a decision, which must be your own ideas).

Pro means 'for', and con means 'against' - i.e., advantages and disadvantages.

For more complex decisions, several options can be assessed against differing significant criteria, or against a single set of important factors.

Using a 'weighted list' scoring method is especially useful in big organizational or business decisions, especially which involve lots of different strategic considerations (as in SWOT and PEST and Porter's Five Forces concept).

In such situations you can assess different options according to a single set of criteria (the most important considerations), or you can allocate weighted/scored criteria differently to each option (examples of templates are below).

Use whatever scoring method makes good sense to you for your situation.

The example shows a low score method, but you can score each item up to 10, or 20 or 100, or an 'A/B/C' or three-star scoring method - whatever works best for you.

Here are some useful methods for effective decision-making and problem-solving: First a simple step-by-step process for effective decision-making and problem-solving.

See also the decision-making facilitative questions template.


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