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View the updated version I have read many tutorials on Google about how to set up a “great performing” Minecraft server on your Raspberry Pi and have been sorely disappointed by the results.Most tutorials are very outdated and tell you to turn your view distance all the way down to 4 (meaning you can’t see very far), or turn your entities (monsters/animals) down to settings so low that they hardly spawn or you can walk right up next to them before you see you.However, if you already have a Pi just laying around or want to use it to learn a bunch of cool new stuff like setting up a headless Linux server on an embedded device then by all means proceed.

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Velocity comes with excellent support for Paper, Sponge, and Minecraft Forge.

We're also able to respond to Minecraft updates quickly, so you'll never have an excuse to not update.

Second question: Do you have fast Raspberry Pi storage?

Because this tutorial will overclock your SD port from 50hz to 100hz.

After much research, trial and error, and spending time in the #Paper IRC channel talking to the smartest people in the Minecraft server configuration world I have been able to get the Minecraft Server (popular Paper fork based on Spigot) to run at vanilla settings (view distance 10, no reduction in entity settings).

This means the server is suitable for full survival mode just like a regular vanilla Minecraft server. Should you buy a Raspberry Pi just to run it as a Minecraft server? If you just want to run a Minecraft server, especially one with more than a few people, you are much better off buying a realms subscription or one of the many dedicated Minecraft server options.

Once the write completes Win32Disk Imager will tell you it is done.

Okay, excellent, we have now formatted your Micro SD card with Raspbian Lite. Raspbian Lite has no X based window manager and is console only.

I am not responsible if your card dies,your Pi explodes, your house gets hit by a meteorite, or anything else that happens! These are very common overclocks though and the risk is minimal, but you have been warned! Unzip the Raspbian Lite image you downloaded and use Win32Disk Imager to write it to your SD card.

Insert your Micro SD card into your computer’s Micro SD adapter slot.


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