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The American teacher Brandy Young decided to cancel home tasks for her class.This approach has been effective and comes up to expectations. Many parents would agree with the statement since the constantly growing academic burden and stress are hitting children's health. They sit up over the math textbooks late and worry about the grades; eventually, they have problems with the sleep.They will need this skill in the future adult life.

It's easy for an adult, but very difficult for a child.

Pupils should focus on writing letters, but at the same time, they should remember the whole word.

Such an approach develops good memory in a child and makes him search alternative ways of learning.

Teachers strongly believe home assignments help students learn material and should be performed every day, without any neglects. Home assignments have proven to be useless and even harmless in some cases.

It is not only a trick to which people resort; this is something students should do.

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By cheating homework, students learn how to behave in the unexpected situations, under conditions of stress and frustration.When preparing homework cheats, a person exercises his creative skills and works with the material. The main arguments against cheating at school are that it is unethical, cultivates bad habits, and improperly forms self-esteem through undeserved rewards.Such statements are far from the truth because all of them are out of context.This negates the main task and importance of the control works.If you think cheating makes the situation worse, you are mistaken.Psychologist Harris Cooper conducted research that proved that tasks at home were not very effective.The student doesn’t have the required capacity to remember the information from all articles because he has already spent his intellectual/ physical resources on other activities. Alfie Cohn, one of the main critics of modern education, wrote the book Myths about home assignments, where he said there is no connection between the number of home tasks and the achievements in studies.In order to write down the text without errors, you need to It contributes to the development of the above skills.On the top of that, a pupil learns to differentiate and remember the most important information in a classroom.They spend excessive amount of time at school; they run to the tutors.On the way back, they attend another extra class/ classes; the schedule is tightly regulated; every hour is taken into account.


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