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You can choose to attend a class on Career Decision Making or one of several workshops on Career Decision Making.

You may also make an appointment and meet with the Career Counselor to evaluate your needs and to determine what courses you should take to reach your goals.

Students can expect to have an hour of homework each evening in Year 7.

Homework is recorded in the students’ planner and can also be accessed through Show My Homework.

Others are able to learn more easily while sitting comfortably on a sofa or lying on the floor (informal).

Still others need to move about in order to learn, and reading while walking on a treadmill might be appropriate.All students have a homework timetable that relates to the learning pathway that they are on.In Year 7 students are encouraged to reinforce their learning at school with a range of homework activities.In order to do this, ask yourself whether the environment in which you are studying matches your learning style and preferences.Based on your preferences, you should schedule your most challenging classes and intense study sessions in the environments that best match your needs.Ask yourself if you are more alert/productive during the morning, mid-day, or evening and schedule accordingly.Grouping: Do you prefer to learn or study alone, in small groups, or in large classes?Further, some people have the ability to sit and study for long periods of time (high persistence), while others need to take frequent breaks (low persistence).Recognizing your posture and mobility needs will help you to plan where and when you should study.You may also choose to meet with one of the counselors in the Student Affairs Office who can work with you and help you to manage other issues that may be causing problems for you.You might have all the time in the world, but if you don't use it wisely, it won't help you to meet your goals. The following are tips to help you deal with this issue: Once you have found the time to study, commit to a time and place that meets your needs.


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