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‘Jack of all trades, master of none.’ This term is often applied to primary school teachers, as most have to work within a loaded curricula.

This often means that teachers aren’t able to teach all subjects as well as they would like, resulting in an adept ability to be masters of all subjects. ‘So many of the skills we took for granted—paragraphs, topic sentences, vocabulary choice, standardised spelling, punctuation, even grammar—are now passé.

Consequently, they have re-evaluated the rationale for assigning homework.

Even though research by the Brookings Institution's Brown Center on Education Policy has shown that students did not increase the amount of time spent on homework between the mid-1970s and mid-1990s, parents and educators have become more insistent on modifying the system.

The Teacher’s Moderation Toolkit consists of termly exemplification materials for Y1-6.

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There are two versions of the exemplification materials: those that are annotated with references to the national curriculum, and those that are not annotated, for CPD use or to share with children.An example of an assignment that fosters adult involvement and student achievement is asking a parent to help a first-grader find household items to sort according to size.Encouraging appropriate parental involvement can help the student and the teacher.Some school districts set firm homework policies for their teachers, including minimum and maximum time guidelines, while other districts give teachers free rein to decide on homework amounts.Another widespread problem is that young students, especially those aged 6 to 8, receive much heavier homework loads than junior or senior high school students.The child learns poor work habits and fails to gain thinking skills and reinforcement of material learned at school.One solution to the problems mentioned above is to have students complete homework at school.Schools can structure an hour at the end of the school day, during which time teachers can supervise homework activities.That way, teachers can monitor students' progress, and students will complete their assignments thoroughly.Lack of communication among subject teachers also prevents students from developing consistent learning patterns as they do their homework. While teachers want parents to encourage children to complete their homework, they do not intend to have the parents perform the assignments.If children find the homework too difficult, they are likely to turn to their parents for help, often thwarting the goal of having the child build critical thinking skills.


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