Homework Assignment Sheets

• check solution – correct sign, reasonable numerical values?

• clearly indicate final answer(s) with underline or box.

I have prepared this outline to describe the policies and expectations I have regarding homework.

The purpose of homework is to reinforce or extend concepts learned in class.

(d) Analysis • clearly describe the procedure to manipulate/reduce the equations to give the solution.

• reference all tables and charts needed for physical properties and other data.In order to calculate an accurate price for your car insurance, the insurance company must know some information about you and your car.This is because the prices of car insurance are set according to the probability of payments coming from the insurance company. The following is the standard format for organizing and presenting the solution to a fluid mechanics problem.(c) Basic equations – fundamental laws, equations, definitions to be used.This will ensure students retain 2nd grade skills needed to be successful in the classroom and on Galileo/District assessments.They will complete one page a night and will return the entire set on Friday to be checked for completion and success rate.It is important to have this sheet out, called the "Problem Set" to help with the math homework, as the homework page mimics what we did in class that day.Assignments that I see need to be reduced in the amount will be marked when necessary.Once we have access to our i Pads going home, students will be able to complete these activities on their i Pad if internet access is available.Students who don't have internet access will continue to receive paper copies.


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