High School Placement Test Essay Questions

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It is critical that students put forth their best effort on both the essay and reading components of the English placement test as these pieces combined determine their placement into college level English.

There are different review modules below available to help students review. It is recommended that students plan for 3 hours of testing so that they don’t feel rushed but it is anticipated that students may finish within the 3 hours.

When one thinks of a mother, a father is usually not far behind.

Unfortunately for my family, my father's frailty was wasn't physical.

The taking of this placement test is required of all new degree-seeking students who do not qualify for a test waiver.

Do you qualify for a Because the test determines your first year course load, it is very important that you familiarize yourself with the test format, test questions, and test strategies and that you practice taking the test.Students should check with a counselor to determine if they need to take the placement test if Central Piedmont has received an official transcript from the previous college, and credit for an English or math course has been awarded.Students who qualify for a waiver per the waiver guidelines (PDF) must see a Campus Registrar, Counselor, Advisor, Transfer Resource Center staff member, or First Year Experience staff member." I say "Hamlet seems not to have understood real womanhood!" Two women from my life come to mind to help support my point. I cannot think of a finer mother, though, of course, I am biased.The combined scores of the faculty reader and ACCUPLACER, together with your score on either the Next-Generation Reading or ESL Reading Skills section, will be used to determine your placement in English classes.The Next-Generation Reading, ESL Reading Skills, and ESL Listening sections are comprised of 20 questions each and are untimed, allowing you to work at you own pace.On the other hand, if you are a native English speaker, you will be asked to take the English part, which includes English Writing (Writeplacer) and English Reading Comprehension (Next-Generation Reading) Sections. In the English or ESL writing sections, you will have 60 minutes to write about a topic you will be given that day. The writing sample is then scored by ACCUPLACER; if necessary, it may also be reviewed by members of the English Department who are trained to read and evaluate placement essays.All parts and sections of the placement test are computer-based, and offered at the Main Campus and Regional Centers. Your essay will be read by at least one faculty member, who will rescore your essay for placement.This document provides resource materials to help students review for the VPT English Test by providing practice and information on reading comprehension and vocabulary, grammar and mechanics, editing and proofreading, and research and documentation.ACCUPLACER test to determine the most appropriate starting level of both English and math.


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