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Instead, beneficiaries are named directly in their governing documents, and provisions in your last will that name different beneficiaries will have no effect.

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On the death of the account holder, the funds go to the named beneficiary.Joint tenants and owners of community property, with right of survivorship, each have a "right of survivorship" to the other's share.This means that if one joint owner dies, his or her share automatically goes to the surviving joint owner.For information on living trusts, you should refer to material that focuses on trusts as used for estate planning.If a person successfully avoids probate with all of his or her property, then he or she may not need a will.This is a court-appointed process of reviewing your estate and making sure that your last will doesn't violate any laws regarding how property is distributed.A last will acts as a guide for the probate court, so the court knows what your wishes are.As he questions the victim\u2019s nearest and dearest, DI Reardon discovers there are several longstanding secrets lurking amongst the Llewellyn clan \u2013 and he is convinced that not everyone is telling him the truth, or at least not the whole truth.Question: What are the employees’ heirs’ responsibilities if he dies, and there is a “successors-and-assigns clause?” If an employment contract for a pilot says that the agreement inures to his heirs, would the company be obligated to employ the heirs as pilots?That can’t be right, but that is the objection to this clause that I am hearing. An employment contract is a contract for personal services, and the “personal services” part of the contract cannot be assumed by heirs.


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