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That’s why some scalpers and brokers are asking for as much as ,000 a ticket, politicians have been staging news conferences and Ticketmaster officials have been ducking for cover.“Hell hath no fury like the parent of a child throwing a tantrum,” said a weary Joe Freeman, vice president of Ticketmaster. The resale frenzy is making other top touring acts this year -- the Police, Bruce Springsteen, Van Halen and Beyonce -- seem so last century.“People who have been in this business for a long time are watching what’s happening, and they say there hasn’t been a demand of this level or intensity since the Beatles or Elvis.”Reasons for that include parents who are out of practice when it comes to buying concert tickets and their children who, apparently, are unaccustomed to disappointment. On Stubhub.com, a leading online marketplace for tickets, the average selling price for a Cyrus ticket was 4 -- which was higher than the Police (9) or Beyonce (2).

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A makeover cost between $25–$60, depending on the package of choice, and included a full hair updo, nail polish, and makeup.

In addition to playing dress-up for the day, Club Libby Lu VIP's (Very Important Princesses), were guided by their Club Counselors over to various stations including a "potion bar" where a VIP could make their own lotion, perfume, fairy dust, or lip gloss, and a Pooch Parlor, where the guests could own stuffed animals of their choice.

Now it's those stupid Hannah Montana tickets, like the ones that Anastasia Silverstein's father plunked down five grand for.

" Or, perhaps, "I wonder if her mother read this essay before she submitted it to our contest? When my brother Brendan was my age, all the junior stock traders were investing in Pokemon futures.

There are huge Miley Cyrus fans that would love to go, but they’ve made the tickets unaffordable.”Some buyers are at wits’ end. this is for two little girls who are [being] ripped off by people who are taking advantage of the loyal fans for their own personal gain.” Such anger has prompted action by politicians such as Missouri Atty. Jay Nixon, who pounced on the issue by filing lawsuits against three out-of-state ticket brokers selling seats to the Kansas City show.“It’s a blatant rip-off of the consumer,” Nixon said Thursday as he announced that he had reached an agreement with promoters and Ticketmaster to release an additional 2,000 seats at two shows in his state. pop charts and sold a combined 4.4 million copies in the U. More than that, her TV show has been a weekly advertisement for the tour. Marsh spoke Friday by phone from Cannes, France, where he was traveling on business but where friends and relatives are still bothering him with ticket requests. It’s so simple it’s scary,” Marsh said, adding that the scripts relay to fans “Hannah Montana’s backstory, her friends, what boys she likes.

Take this Internet posting by a frazzled aunt in San Antonio who sounded as if she were negotiating with kidnappers, not ticket brokers: “I will meet you at a neutral location. Do not ask me for my best offer or what I am willing to pay. Officials close to the tour disputed that characterization (they said tickets would have been released anyway), but Nixon probably scored points with some exasperated parents in the Show-Me State. That makes her famous with little ones even if adults are scratching their heads.“Hannah Montana, to me, she’s not a big star,” said April Martin of Carrollton, Texas, who is facing the prospect of breaking her promise to her little sister about taking her to see her hero. “Mine are long gone; they ran out the first day.”“Hannah Montana’s” success builds on the sensation of the Disney Channel’s made-for-TV movie “High School Musical,” whose soundtrack was the bestselling CD in America last year and whose sequel this year was also a hit. market share represented by children’s music has tripled over the last 10 years, according to the Recording Industry Assn. At the fore of the scene is Disney, which has a long history of shaping the careers of young music stars, among them Annette Funicello, Hayley Mills, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Hilary Duff.

I sure wish I didn't know that, when i think about it.

Anyway, even if it isn't written by a 6 year old, it's still hilarious and depressingly true.

There’s been parental panic in Portland, Ore., severe tropical depression in Tampa, Fla., and a mad scramble in Minneapolis.

There was so much outrage among families in Little Rock that the Arkansas attorney general promised a swift investigation, as did his counterpart in Missouri after seeing the dust-up in Kansas City.


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