Great Gatsby Corruption American Dream Essay

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Daisy has an affair with Gatsby; Gatsby then gets concerned that Daisy does not tell Tom about her affair with him in chapter six.Eventually Daisy tells Tom about her affair with Jay Gatsby.

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On a smaller scale this could be seen as the difference between the West Egg (the 'new, money) and the East egg (the 'old' money).

The 1920's were a time of corruption and the degradation of moral values for and many other countries.

The Great Gatsby describes the decay of the American Dream and the want for money and materialism.

This novel also describes the gap between the rich and the poor (Gatsby and the Wilsons, West Egg and the Valley of the Ashes) by comparing the differences between the Western United States (traditional western culture) and the Eastern United States (money obsessed values).

The Great Gatsby shows us the way people will fall into the hands of money, greed and power and get involved in illegal activities to get where they want and what they want.

This book is a perfect example of the fall of the American Dream in the 1920s. Scott Fitzgerald (The school's Penguin edition) Scott Fitzgerald's Criticism of America - Marcus Bailey Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby - various other photocopied hand out sheets.

World War One had just ended and people were reveling in the materialism that came with the end of it, new mass produced commodities such as motor cars and radios were filling people's driveways and houses, money was more accessible (before the Great Depression).

Cars were becoming a social symbol in the 1920s as we can see with Gatsby's five cars, one of which he gives to Nick and one of which kills Myrtle Wilson later on in the novel.

Scott Fitzgerald was an 'icon of its time.' The book discusses topics that were important, controversial and interesting back in 1920's America.

The novel is 'an exploration of the American Dream as it exists in a corrupt period of history.' The main themes in the book are the decay of morals and values and the frustration of a 'modern' society.


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