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Dyslexia and other barriers to processing and presenting written information, was and still is an issue with many students.

We have students from a variety of ‘academic’ educational backgrounds and we have paying students from abroad.

Having just been appointed a 0.5 senior lecturer with responsibility for the contextual studies delivery within the department, there was a responsibility to find out why so many students had issues with writing and why most had to invent complex and convoluted strategies to, even put pen to paper or fingers to keys.

I wanted to go beyond the beaten path of excuses of blaming a plethora of problems for these occurrences.

/// (Unpublished version) Keywords: Design, Dissertation, Writing, Studio, Lectures, Practice, Connectivism Author’s bio: Dr Mark Ingham.

I am an installation artist primarily working with projected photographic images using homemade slide projectors constructed from 35mm SLR film cameras.

The reasons for this unsatisfactory state of affairs were not immediately apparent, as the lecturers were very lively, delivering exciting material to sparky students.

Additionally I was one of a team of Design Dissertation tutors, and although there was some high quality writing being produced by the 3 year design students, many were in the ‘lets get it out of the way before we go on to the proper work of our practice’ variety.

Some students enjoyed, some hated and many muddled through producing writing and research that was disconnected with their lives, design and their studio work.

The position of writing in relation to the practice that went on in the design studio seemed semi-detached at best.


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