Grade 6 Problem Solving Worksheets

Learning math isn’t just about mastering the basics.

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The idea behind this is that the kids will focus on the math and problem solving rather than digging through their dictionaries.

Venn Diagram Word Problems - Three Sets These Venn diagram word problems provide ample practice in real-life application of Venn diagram involving three sets.

The worksheets containing the universal set are also included.

Find the product and use the answer key to verify your solution. Division Word Problems "Divide and conquer" this huge collection of division word problems.

Exclusive worksheets are available for the division problem leaving no remainder and with the remainder.


Comments Grade 6 Problem Solving Worksheets

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    The goal of the first chapter in grade 6 is to review the four basic operations with whole numbers, place value, and rounding, and to learn about exponents and problem solving. A lot of this chapter is review, and I hope this provides a gentle start for 6th grade math. In the next chapter, we will delve into some beginning algebra topics.…

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