Golden Opportunity In Ghana A Negotiation Case Study And Analysis

Golden Opportunity In Ghana A Negotiation Case Study And Analysis-3
However, this has also opened up the Pandora’s Box to a myriad of challenges such as the economic, demographic and environmental pressures on land increase.

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The roles of customary custodians such as chiefs and should be critically reviewed and re-aligned according to local customs to make the institutions more accountable, consultative and transparent, while curtailing their enormous powers in land administration.

Land institutions are intricately intertwined in their functions to promote efficient land delivery.

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A number of state institutions have also been established to complement the efforts of these customary institutions.

Functioning customary land institutions are considered organic with the ability to deliver on land security [3,4].

Also, land transactions were found characterised by lack of transparency, information sharing, participation and accountability.

For an efficient and effective management of LSLAs in Ghana, there is the need for a functioning institutional collaboration and one-stop-shop approach to streamline the apparent complex processes of acquiring agricultural land.

Synergies among land institutions and institutional changes impact on land markets and in guaranteeing agro-based employment, capital injection, local economic development and infrastructural improvement.

Increasingly, these institutions have come under pressure and there are concerns about their functional capacities and implications on land markets.


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