Global Warming Essay In Gujarati Language

Global Warming Essay In Gujarati Language-53
These gases are nicknamed “greenhouse gases” because of their heat-trapping effect.

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She’s a senior scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, in Boulder, Colo., and studies factors that affect climate.By examining air bubbles in ice cores taken from Antarctica, scientists can go back and calculate what the concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have been throughout the last 650,000 years.The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has been climbing to where today it is 30 percent greater than 650,000 years ago.Since then, average global temperatures are still increasing, causing record-breaking heat waves such as this one, which hit Europe in late July.Science News astronomy reporter Lisa Grossman visits the pristine-sample lab at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.As the sun’s rays enter our atmosphere, most continue right down to the planet’s surface.As they hit the soil and surface waters, those rays release much of their energy as heat.This effect is caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons and other gases in the air, many of them released by human activity.greenhouse effect The warming of Earth’s atmosphere due to the buildup of heat-trapping gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane.Scientists refer to these pollutants as greenhouse gases.methane A hydrocarbon with the chemical formula CH4 (meaning there are four hydrogen atoms bound to one carbon atom).Earth’s atmosphere, shown here in light blue, acts like the windows on a glass greenhouse.Some gases in the atmosphere — such as carbon dioxide — will trap certain wavelengths of energy (here shown in red) from bouncing back into space.


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