Give An Example Of Problem Solving

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After all, you bring distinctive skills to your business – and the more time you spend on tasks that only you can perform – the more productive your business will become.

If you can't delegate in-house – then outsource tasks that you can.

Are you stuck with workplace problems that you can't solve? When you say that you're “a firefighter," you don't mean the firefighter who runs into buildings with fires blazing.

You're a small-business owner, and you've put out your share of fires – or your share of "work-related problems" – every day.

Your employees may surprise you by setting tougher goals for themselves than you would.

Problem 3: Proving yourself to a new team – and maybe even yourself. Communicate your priorities, and above all else: do what you say you're going to do.

Accommodate those you can, and that accommodation should repay you tenfold. Solve it by stopping the juxtaposition in its tracks (i.e., letting time manage you).

This will undoubtedly be one of the most vexing "work-related problems" you will face – and you'll probably swing back and forth like a pendulum between successes and setbacks.

Solve it by referring to job descriptions to ensure that your employees understand the basics.

Then, for special projects and ancillary goals, convene a brainstorming session, and set goals as a team.


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