Gcse Chemistry Coursework Mark Scheme

My GCSE Science Revision Checklists include every topic and learning objective on the specification. The exams will consist of a mix of question types including multiple choice questions requiring short answers and questions requiring longer, more complex answers.The questions get progressively more difficult as the student works through the exam.For the GCSE Science subjects, the first 9-1 exams took place in the summer of 2018. The new “good pass” is considered now to be a grade 5.

There is no coursework in the new linear system, but practical work (scientific experiments) remains an integral part of the GCSEs.

Each exam board has specified certain practicals that are mandatory for all students.

These are useful, but there aren’t enough of them to allow students to fully develop their exam technique.

My GCSE Science video tutorials are accompanied by ‘Revision Plus’ resources.

This really helps to organise, motivate and reassure students as the exams approach.

We at My GCSE Science are 100% confident in the transformational power of our learning and revision platform. If Triple Science students achieve a green light in the multiple-choice quiz for every Triple Award topic, we guarantee a GCSE result of three 8s or better.

In addition, check out the following blogs which provide guidance on practical skills: Questions relating to maths skills in science will account for at least 20% of the marks in the new exams, divided between Biology, Chemistry and Physics in the ratio 1:2:3.

My GCSE Science videos provide lots of guidance on maths skills.

Simply put, the GCSEs are more demanding than before.

As a result, however, the grade boundaries are lower than previously, which means that students can get a high grade with a relatively modest percentage mark. Students could take some of their GCSE exams and/or ‘coursework units’ well before the end of the course.


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