Garage Door Opener Problem Solving

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Competing neighboring garage doors which are on the same frequencies can cause this unnerving event to happen.

Each remote model may have a different protocol in its service manual for changing the remote frequency.

There’s nothing more embarrassing or needlessly costly than having a service technician come all the way out to your home and find a simple solution to a problem that you could have done yourself.

To save you that grief, and the potential expense, we have compiled some basic quick and easy troubleshooting tips to investigate on your own before having to take the step of hiring a professional garage door technician.

The obvious example of an obstacle could be something left in its path.

A not so apparent obstruction can be something stuck in the tracking brackets like a rock or other small object that is stopping the rollers from closing correctly and then triggering the door to reverse itself.This type of faulty garage door is not something you should ignore.Making sure it is sitting correctly on track is the only thing that keeps a heavy garage door from completely falling on top of anything or anyone below it.Last year, we had to deal with a faulty garage door issue ourselves.We just finished installing custom cabinets in our garage when all of a sudden, we heard a loud bang and popping noise. We didn’t know what the signs were prior to our garage door’s springs breaking and, if we had taken the time to do the occasional spot check, we might have avoided the expensive repairs beforehand.So what do you do when you’re stuck having to deal with a garage door that’s acting up.Most people will want to troubleshoot a few things first before calling a professional to come out and take a look.With all the daily hustle and bustle that goes on in your garage, it’s easy to hit the disconnect switch without knowing it accidentally.If your garage door is opening and closing on its own, then don’t blame it on ghosts.The safety mechanism on a garage door is designed to reverse itself if it comes in contact with an obstruction.Many different things can trigger the safety device.


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