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He has simultaneously continued working in the medical field. As a researcher in the sociology of knowledge, he has taken an interest in how social science has developed through an interplay between the state, private organizations and the ideals of the times.One of his interests is pharmaceutical research and its relation to market forces, research politics, and scientific ideals. His research is characterized by a sensitivity to gender issues. In her thesis, she examined scientific texts, popular scientific media representations, debates and interviews about behavioral and gene research.More information about Hans Joas's research Richard Swedberg, Ph. He is one of the sociologists who reintroduced economic sociology, and has also analyzed the role of social mechanisms and the sociology of Max Weber and Joseph Schumpeter. In the 1980s he wrote many of his first economic sociology texts while being employed at Uppsala University. More information about Richard Swedberg's research The Department of Sociology awards the following distinctions: The Hans L Zetterberg award is awarded to “younger researchers, Swedish or non-Swedish, who, with their scientific work, have furthered the boundaries of research, preferably by combining theory and practice”.

He has a doctoral degree in the history of ideas from Umeå University and his sociologically relevant thesis is named ) (2000). Lundberg’s primary interests concern the sociology of knowledge, the sociology of science, classical and modern sociological theory and the sociology of religion. Among other things, she shows the transformations some scientific findings undergo before they reach the public audience as “truths” about the importance of genes for human behavior.

In this empirically strong and innovative thesis, he shows how sociology emerged in Sweden in organizations outside of academia, like the Lorenska Foundation. In the explanation for the award, Tora Holmberg’s thesis is described as an example of the sociology of knowledge and the sociology of science at its best; perspicacious, empirically well-grounded, related to contemporary discussions, and absorbing.

This prepares our Ph D students for further challenges in research and education, public or private administration, mass media, museums, archives or libraries.

A Ph D degree is equivalent to four years of full-time study, including courses (75 academic credits) and research for the doctoral thesis (165 academic credits).

The donation also comprises furnishings and books in The Hans L Zetterberg Room at the Department of Sociology at Uppsala University.

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Hans L Zetterberg (1927-2014) studied sociology in Uppsala and was one of Torgny Segerstedt’s first students in the new subject of sociology, which was established in Sweden in 1947.He also shows that women had influence over early social science research, but that their influence decreased as the research was incorporated in academia. The aim of the Ph D programme is for our Ph D students to learn how to critically and independently assess economic-historical research tasks and contribute to the development of research by producing a doctoral thesis.My name is Eleni Liapi and I am 25 years old, from Greece.At the moment, I am studying in Cologne (Germany), conducting my Master's thesis project for one semester.The Best Presentation prize will be awarded through popular vote cast by all the participants in the SNIH Conference 2017.Eleni is currently pursuing her Master degree in Forensic Science at Uppsala University.I was searching for a Master's programme almost two years before I graduated from the School of Biology in Athens, Greece.I found my study programme both from Study Portals and by conducting a personal search.Moreover, the possibility to listen to experts in this field of study actually helped me make my final decision.Needless to say that nowadays, a lot of international students attend courses abroad, and being a student in an international class always inspired me and enriched my way of thinking.


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