French Holiday Essay Gcse

This “test” simply requires the knowledge of four words that every 11-year-old should know, such as “pommes”, “deux”, “limonade” and “combien”. In one such role play from this year’s exam, the teacher plays the part of a hotel receptionist and the pupil a guest.

Long gone are the days when a poker-faced complete stranger visited the school to fire unprepared questions at you.

For their presentation, candidates are also allowed to take cue cards with up to five short headings into the examination room with them, just in case they forget what they have memorised a hundred times over.

Then you are no doubt over 40 and spent hours slaving over these moods and tenses in order to secure your O-level pass.

To equate a GCSE Grade C with such a demanding exam would be laughable if it were not so depressing.


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